Are you Ready to Get Back your Beautiful and Healthful Sleep as was Before?

During the middle of the night do you wake up feeling sweaty, wet and sticky? Do you find it very hard to go back to sleep once you have woken up?

It’s not a surprise that these night sweats are so common. A survey carried out and it revealed that nearly 34 percent of people have said that they experienced heavy sweating at night. This is a common condition among children. This condition can cause sleeplessness for the entire family thus making you tired and not feeling refreshed when you wake up in the morning and feel very tired.

What are these night sweats and how to get relief from this tiring condition? If you would like to learn more about this and find answers to your questions then read the guide further.

What are Night Sweats?

Are you feeling very sweaty in the night and have a hot feeling when you are sleeping in your bed? There are various factors that can cause heavy sweating at night. For instance, if the night is very warm or if your mattress and Pillows that you are sleeping on is very heavy or if the central heating is running and so you may be feeling a sense of hotness. If you have night sweats then it will make you woken up from your deep slumber with your bed found to be soaking wet and this is a very cumbersome issue to be solved.

Night Sweats do occur because when the natural balancing mechanism of hot and cold in your body is not functioning properly. Now there are a lot of various factors as to why this happens. It can range from medicines that you take to your body’s hormones and the food and drink that you take also matters and it can occur to anybody male, female, adult, and children. If one has good health or suffering from any illness it can occur to them as well. The most important aspect to be noted here is that there can be relieved upon following certain steps and guidelines.

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What Causes Night Sweats?

It is to be noted that Night Sweats are not harmful condition despite feeling irritable and bearing a lot of discomforts. It is better to check up with your physician if all of a sudden you start experiencing Night Sweats. He will examine you to identify the underlying cause. There are various causes that can result in the night sweating and the most common ones are,


If during sleep hypoglycemia occurs then it can cause multiple times of sweating profusely.


Majority of women, about 75 percent of them do experience sweating profusely and this happens during the night while sleeping and the cause is menopause. This symptom is very common among women and commonly known as ‘hot flushes’ or also known as ‘hot flashes’ which happens when the person is trying to sleep.

nfant /Child Overheating

In children who are young and growing it’s common to be overheated during night times. Warming up in the deep sleeping stages is usual and this causes even more discomfort for babies. The system of temperature regulation is not well developed and when compared to the size of the body the sweat glands are larger in number.

Sleep Apnea:

This is a condition in which night sweats are a side effect and this causes waking up and feeling restless during the night times.

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Memory Foam Mattress:

This type of mattress cannot regulate the temperature and also cannot absorb any of the moisture generated because of excessive sweating during the night. This mattress is full of material that is synthetic and so it cannot absorb any sweat. This type of mattress uses the body heat to mold according to the shape of the body and to provide the required support. So sleeping on this type of memory foam mattress can cause night sweats and also can make the condition even worse.

A Normal Warm Sleeper:

All night sweats are not the result of medicines or because of incorrect choice of the mattress but some of the persons are warm sleepers. There is nothing to be perturbed about but you always can improve the quality of your sleep and you can carry on reading to find out. When your doctor has examined you and has noted the cause of your issue the night sweats you always can follow the advice and have a comfortable sleep.Other Medical Conditions and Medication:

Profuse sweating at night can be because of several medical conditions. It also could be due to some disease or infection. This might be the hormonal disturbances and some medicines have side effects as well.

Night Sweats in Men

In women, night sweats are very common during the time of menopause and men on the other hand also tend to experience profuse sweating during night times and so it’s not peculiar. It occurs in conditions like diabetes or the cause of taking medicines for the treatment of a particular type of disease like cancer. Carry on reading to learn more about it.

How to Stop Night Sweats Disturbing you’re Sleep:

Night sweats is not a bad experience but by just the following the advice and implementing them would go a long way in mitigating the problem. During night times keeping the window open would be of great relief. The turning on the fan so that the air keeps circulating well and covers the whole of your bed. Keep a glass of cold water beside the bed can help you in keeping your body cool. Never use synthetics either it clothing or bed linen. Always use fibers that are natural such as cotton. It tends to circulate air very well thereby reducing the chances of sweating profusely.

To have sound sleep never wear synthetic clothing when sleeping instead wear cotton clothing which can make a lot of difference in sleep quality. All bedding material be it mattress, pillows, pillow covers or duvets if are of cotton and duvets filled with natural fiber that is wool, will go a long way in ensuring a good night’s sleep. Wool is a natural cool fiber which has the capability to manage moisture very well and so if you are suffering from sweats at night then on using wool you will have a sleep where you are waking up is less and having a good quality sleep more often.

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How Coldest Mattress and Coldest Pillows Can Help to Avoid Night Sweat?

The Next-Gen Cooling

It is not freezing equipment. The coldest mattress gives a feeling of cool to the touch. You will feel, you are literally on an island. We have used our next-gen material is in it. The Coldest Fusion Weave™, it is specifically developed for heat dispersion and dissipation. We love the material so much and used it as much as possible.

The RIDGE™ airflow system allows 2 things to happen. It improves heat dispersion across the entire mattress as well as provides a solid base.

The coldest Mattress and coldest Pillows are manufactured in our factories in Florida, USA. We believe in delivering the utmost, best mattress and pillow on the market. All the products are with the most superior materials possible, just like all our other products like Water Bottles and Ice packs. There is no other product on the market that uses our patent/patent pending materials.

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It is made for bad backs, stomach sleepers, as well as someone looking for cooler and better sleep without night sweat.

Solutions for Night Sweats from Coldest Mattress:

You can notice a huge qualitative difference when you change over to Coldest Mattress and Coldest pillows. It is the perfect solution to avoid night sweats.

The Coldest mattress from The Coldest Water definitely comes with 110 days night trial guarantee. If after 110 days you don’t see any noticeable difference in your sleep we will then give a full refund. You also can select alternatively perfect water bottles of any size, Ice packs, and pillows. For your good health and perfect well being its inevitable to have a good night’s sleep. That is why when you decide to invest in Coldest Mattress and Pillows, it’s a wise investment and profitable.

Are you ready to get back your beautiful and healthful sleep as was before? Follow our advice and read on our tips and sleep on Coldest Mattress and Coldest Pillows and sort out night sweats and do let us know your experiences.