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What Makes Me Sweat While I Sleep?

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What Makes Me Sweat While I Sleep?

It is troubling to go to bed and drift off almost immediately, only to wake up and find yourself covered in sweat. It is even worse to have a sleepless night and find yourself feeling excessively hot. What could be the reasons for this excessive heat at night?

James Mold who is a doctor and a retired professor say that he began looking into causes of sweating profusely at night because he had several patients who complained about this situation. He published an evaluation study of all readily obtainable research on the signs and sources of sweating at night. He came up with additional questions in place of answers. The definition for the term ‘night sweats’ is not even generally agreed on. People describe the situation as ranging between moderately warm to soaking sweat.


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Occurring of Night Sweats:

According to Dr. Mold, night sweats connected to circumstances of arousal. He further discovered that in certain situations, people experienced night sweats because they take medication for blood pressure, alcohol, anti-depressants or eating shortly before they go to bed. These actions are capable of upsetting the metabolism of the body, especially those hormones that control the temperature of the body, which will, in turn, disturb or reduce the quantity and quality of sleep.

In addition, Hadine Joffe says that the hormonal fluctuation brought on by menopause is a normal source of hot waves at night. It is possible that you may not wake up drenched; however, the hormonal fluctuation could lead to mini arousals. This means that there will be times of extremely light sleep. This interrupted sleep could make someone feel disturbed and drained of energy throughout the day.

Disruption of the Body’s Heat Regulators Opines:

Doing serious exercise shortly before bedtime could also lead to a disruption of the body’s heat regulators opines Michael Grandner, a professor of medicine. He elaborates by saying that the human body naturally drops shortly before bedtime, in order to foster sleep. Munching something or exercising shortly before bedtime will excite the body’s metabolism and intensifies the production of heat. This will meddle in the natural shut down mechanism of the body.

However, what could be the cause of that abrupt rush of heat during sleepless nights? That may be brought on by several things including a brain that works overtime and the kind of clothes or bed sheets you prefer. Grandner is of the opinion that more often than not, sweating at night is caused by bed sheets, night wears, and mattresses which do not let the body get some air.


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Grandner reiterates that the body’s natural clock makes the main temperature to reduce an hour or two prior to bedtime. The body temperature keeps dropping little by little until it gets to its minimum level at about 3 AM. Whatsoever fiddles with these regular stages in temperature dropping have the ability to interfere with one’s sleep. If you snuggled into bed feeling cool, then wound up wearing thick night wears or wrapping yourself up in thick blankets, you could become hot and disturb your natural temperature droop and this will keep you up.

The Connection between Sleeplessness and the Nervous System:

There is a connection between sleeplessness and increased arousal of the nervous system, in addition to fast heart rate and higher body temperature. Even though the analysis is somewhat irregular. It indicates that an active, tensed mind with worries about the future may cause a discharge of cortisol which is a stress hormone. This will charge up to a number of internal activities in the body which will produce heat.

This gives an explanation to your throwing off the sheets and flipping the pillows in order to get some respite on sleepless nights.

In order to keep the perspiration at bay, begin by exchanging the bed sheets you currently use. The duvets and beddings which allow air in and will keep you cool. One appropriate material for this switch is cotton and it is always good for sleep wears, in addition to being affordable. Grandner adds that numerous mattresses made of foam have a way of trapping in heat. So, ensure that you choose mattresses and pillows which will encourage cool and comfortable sleeping.


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Cool Pillows:

Grandner further proffers that placing one foot out of the bed covers could be beneficial. He says that the foot soles have sensors. It could assist the body in upholding cool feelings in spite of your being beneath warm and cozy covers. The neck also has this same characteristic. The neck and head as a whole should not be placed under the covers. Some findings reveal that making the head cool at night by reducing the heat from the thermostat, with the help of cool pillows or wearing a cooling cap is useful in tackling insomnia.

If your sweating profusely at night is as a result of the drugs or your menopausal, you inform your doctor. The doctor could change your drugs, in order to make the symptoms stop. As for hot flushes which happened by menopause, both non-hormonal and hormonal drug treatments are available, says Joffe.

It is not so easy to stay cool in the night. However, knowledge of the fact that heat is an impediment to sleep could be beneficial to your sleeping more smoothly.

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