It's NOT just a water bottle. Our COLDEST Water bottles are designed to help you stay colder, longer. We designed the water bottles to stay cold up to 36+ to 100+ hours. COLD tested against 50+ leading brands. They're leakproof, ultra-durable, and fits everywhere. This is your last bottle.

36+ Hours Cold


Insanely Engineered

36+ Hours Cold


Insanely Engineered


5 Star Reviews and Counting


How long does it stay cold?

We call this bottle the Limitless bottle because of the limitless capability. Each limitless bottle includes 3 lids, all of which have different purposes based on what you are using it for and also hold temperature differently.

  • Chug Lid v1.0: Up to 36+ Hours COLD
  • Flip Top Lid v4.0: Up to 36+ Hours COLD
  • Sip Lid v1.0: Up to 24+ Hours COLD (open top lid)

Some of our bottles like the 1-gallon can stay cold past 100+ hours. We are continuously improving and engineering COLDEST bottles to be colder every year.

Does COLDEST bottles fit the Cirkul lids?

Yes! The Limitless Bottle (COLDEST handle bottle) fits CIRKUL lids! our wide mouth bottle fit CIRKUL bottles! These sizes include: 14oz, 18oz, 24oz, 32oz, 40oz, 64oz, Universal Shaker Series, Limitless Series (bottle with handle).

How is The Limitless Bottle different Than The Competition?

We built the Limitless™ bottle to have 10+ improvements from the competition. Here's what's different and ultimately what we believe is a limitless bottle!

Does it fit in a cupholder?

Cup Holder Friendly? Size


Fits 99% of cupholders


Fits 80% of cupholders


Fits 80% of cupholders

21 oz

Fits 99% of a cupholders


Fits 80% of cupholders


Fits 80% of cupholders


Half Gallon


1 Gallon


26 oz Universal Shaker

Fits 99% of cupholders

36 oz Universal Shaker

Fits 99% of cupholders

46 oz Universal Shaker

Fits 99% of cupholders

36 oz Limitless Bottle

Fits 99% of cupholders

46 oz Limitless Bottle

Fits 99% of cupholders

Is it Dishwasher Safe?

We recommend hand washing to extend the lifespan of any COLDEST bottle.

Dishwasher Safe

  • Powder Coats

Not Dishwasher Safe

  • Glitter
  • Patterns
  • Glossy Paint

Does it float?

Yes! All COLDEST bottles float!

Is it Leak Proof?

Zero-Leak is the mission to develop leak-free products.We are continuously improving our products.

  • Chug Lid v1.0: 100% Leak Proof
  • Flip Top Lid v4.0:  100% Leak Proof
  • *Sip Lid v1.0: Due to the open top nature of this lid & straw, if the bottle does fall over, it may leak. This lid style can only be leak proof only with the COLDEST Bunker™ accessory. (coming soon! Accessory sold separately)

Should I wash before use?

Yes, we recommending washing your new bottle before use.

How do I install the Paracord on my Limitless Bottle (Optional add-on).

Paracords are an additional add-on that may be purchased separately to add increased functionality and handling. (Refer to here: Shop Paracords)


Watch this 1-minute Paracord Installation Video:

What if I don't like it?

We offer a lifetime warranty on all COLDEST products. If you don't love it, will refund you 100% and even cover shipping back. Email with your order number to get started.