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Is Sweating Normal While Sleeping?

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Is Sweating Normal While Sleeping?

Sweating is a natural mechanism of regulating body heat that is usually activated during hot weather, or when we do physical activity. However, if we expect to sweat after walking through the gym doors, we do not expect to sweat at night, which can be bothersome and disturbing. The origins of night sweating are many and varied. Learning more about the symptoms and causes will help you better understand this bodily phenomenon. So, is it normal to sweat while sleeping?

Why Do I Sweat While Sleeping?

Nobody likes to wake up sweaty in the middle of the night. To better understand the causes of night sweats, it is important to consider some variables. The very first and the most obvious are the ambient temperatures and the overall comfort of sleep. Heat is not the only factor that can cause night sweats; Moisture can also play a significant role, just like big blankets or pajamas, or general malaise caused by a bad mattress or a noisy environment.

The second element to take into account is your general state of health. Have you changed your diet? Do you feel tired? Among the symptoms of the flu, we find fever, which is a perfectly normal response to infection. Sweating during sleep can be caused by fever, which is a sign of a cold or flu. However, beyond one or two nights, night sweating indicates that this may be a more serious problem.


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Night Sweating in Men and Women:

One of the most common factors of night sweating is hot flashes related to menopause, which are the result of hormonal changes in the body. A sudden drop in estrogen production results in dysregulation of the hypothalamus, causing the skin temperature to rise from 0 to 6 degrees almost immediately [source:].

However, men are not immune to this problem. Those who suffer from testosterone deficiency, or who are taking testosterone-blocking drugs, may see similar effects. Most men refuse to admit that they experience hot flashes, but the absence of androgen can cause sweating during the night [source: Harvard Medical University].

What Are The Other Causes Of Night Sweating?

Most of the prescribed medications have the effect of increasing the heart rate and escalating the blood vessels of the skin, resulting in excessive sweating. Antipyretics or drugs to lower fever are common. Many take aspirin, for example, when they experience the symptoms of the flu. Although these medicines can effectively reduce fever they can be a reason for night sweats. Antidepressants can also be the cause of night sweating [source: American Academy of Family Physicians].

Transmittable diseases, such as AIDS or tuberculosis, are also identified to cause the night sweats. Persistent fever, accompanied by sweating during sleep, is very common in people with HIV.

The Hodgkin’s disease, this is a type of lymphoma, it is another transferable disease that causes fever and the night sweats in people who have it.

Spicy food can also be another factor causing night sweats. Even if you do not have trouble right after eating a spicy dish, digesting spicy foods can help increase the hotness of the skin. In addition, doctors have also indicated that caffeine intensifies perspiration in people who already sweat terribly [source: Emedecine].

Some people suffer from a situation that is called hyperhidrosis that causes excessive and repeated sweating, whether it is day or night. If you dismiss all other probable causes of the night sweating, you may be suffering from hyperhidrosis, in which case you must schedule a meeting with the doctor to explain the situation to him [source: Mayo Clinic].

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Natural Solutions against Night Sweating:

The first and most obvious is to take a thermometer. Although most doctors recommend that the room temperature be between 18 and 22 degrees to sleep well, you should check what suits you best, because everyone is different. If your spouse sleeps better when it is slightly warmer or colder, try overlaying several thin layers of blankets [source: WebMD].

Also, try to eliminate anything that can cause you stress or anxiety. Nervousness and anxiety are common factors in excessive sweating, whether day or night. So, if you are about to get married, or if you have a job interview, you will surely sweat a little more than usual. However, if night sweats persist for several weeks after the big day, consider consulting your doctor.

Men who suffer from night sweats associated with andropause (decrease in the male hormone testosterone). They may drink black cohosh tea or black cohosh supplements. Black cohosh is a plant available in most parts of North America. It is a medicinal plant that you can use to cure various disorders. Although several studies have shown that it does not yield as conclusive results as cohosh, red clover is also a medicinal herb that helps relieve the intensity of hot flashes, and night sweats [source: Pray.]

Both men and women take herbal remedies such as sage tea or motherwort to reduce night sweating. Sage tea provides relaxation, and often, to help regulate stress. As for the motherwort, it is an herb of the mint family that helps calm the nerves and facilitate blood circulation, which are factors that contribute to perspiration or sweating during sleep.

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