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To submit a support ticket, scroll to the bottom of the page and complete the ticket.

Looking to Return an item? Where’d you get it?


In order to return a gift, you need to get the original purchase order # from the buyer, and include the buyer details. From there, pick where the person bought it,  submit for a return label and we will process the refund to the original buyer as their card is the one on file. 

Yes. As we aim to provide the highest customer support possible, we will refund you upon return of item. We repurpose them in-house and donate them to local organizations and NGO’s.

If we messed up your engraving as mistakes can happen, email us for help.

TheColdestWater believes in serving you the customer first. If for whatever reason you are not happy, we always have your back. Hit up our awesome customer support team here, as we are happy to help even after the 90 day threshold.

This is likely due to the small white valve that is on too tightly on your flip top lid. Try to loosen the valve (but do not take it out). This can be attempted in multiple ways.

  1. 1. Shake bottle intensely or
  2. 2. Use a pin or metal nail to poke it gently to create airflow between air valve and lid. When it is too tight,  it prevents air or whistle.

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