Replying to one of our customers….

@rphoenix goes “You need to feature stuff besides the bottles on here. People need to know about the ice packs.”

You’re probably right. We actually talk about the Coldest bottles more than anything else but the universe of Coldest is expanding. We have the Coldest Ice Packs all the way from the Coldest Dog Bowls, this is actually the Eye Ice Pack.

We have Coldest Ice Packs for every specific body part and Coldest Dog Bowls which are for dogs that deserve the Coldest things too and so we have the Coldest Dog Bowl,

we have the Coldest Dog Bed, and pillows for humans.


Reply to @rpheonix people need to know. dogs need to know. #knowledge

♬ original sound – The Coldest Water

There is a lot coming and it’s just the beginning, get ready!