When we get sick, we sometimes refuse to eat because we lack the strength to do so. same issues when our pooches get sick. Our pets’ refusing to eat is a very alarming sign because it shows that our dogs might have a serious health problem. Reasons for our dogs’ losing appetites There are causes that our dogs refuse to eat and drink, such as diseases, infection, medication, stress, trauma, and aging. The dog should be taken to the vet if they show signs like lethargy, weight loss, vomiting, coughing, diarrhea, etc. If they show these signs, seek a veterinary right away. There are ways you can try to make your sick dog eat and drink. You can try them one by one until the dog eats or at least drinks.

•. Give them time The first thing that you can try is to give them time. Dogs can live for a few days without eating anything. But they need to drink water. Make the food and water accessible for them until they have the urge to eat even just a small smackerel of food.

•. Be spontaneous about the food. You may serve them something different or unusual from their usual feeding routine. Human foods like chicken or baby food can be a good option. Just make sure it’s also tummy-friendly for your dogs. Just serve them with a little bit of the amount and see if they try to eat it. If they do, you can give them more of it or incorporate it with their dry food.

Try heating up their food. Especially on wet foods, heating up the food makes the aroma more distinguishable. The dogs’ sense of smell is quite reduced. The food fragrance might entice your dog and cause him to have the urge to eat. This will also help with the taste that could make your dog continue eating. Adding broth to food does not only help with making the food more soft and easy to chew. But it also helps with the smell and makes the food more tasty. Your dogs might be tired of the usual food they eat over and over again. Adding broth might entice them to eat it again. And there are healthy broths you can choose, like bone broth, which is good for your dogs. Let the dog eat grass. Eating grass for dogs can make your dog vomit and let out what makes them feel sick and lose their appetite. If the dog feels ill, vomiting might ease him out. Just make sure that they stay hydrated by drinking enough fluids. But if they’re vomiting more than twice, you must take them to the vet right away.

Taking your dogs to the vet might be the last and best option you could do if things haven’t improved. The vet might figure out what is causing the loss of appetite in your dogs and could provide medication right away. Taking care of our sick furry buddies really needs to require patience and commitment. But if your pet is not eating at all, the veterinarian’s help is the most needed action for them.

June 10, 2022 — Shopify API