How to make your dog sleep at night. A good night’s sleep for us humans is the best way to prevent ourselves from getting sick less often and maintain good condition for our heart, brain and more. Even dogs could share the same need for a good night’s sleep, especially when they exert a lot of energy during the day from vigorous playing and running.

But there are common situations where we could have trouble making our dogs sleep at night. This could be frustrating, especially if you find yourself tired but your pooch isn’t and keeps running and barking around, making a lot of noise that disrupts your sleep. There are some reasons why your dog doesn’t like or cannot sleep at night besides being too hyperactive, like: the dog needs to go putty and has no access to his/her putty spot.

The dog has extra energy, especially if the dog is lacking exercise. The dog doesn’t like the sleeping spot he/she has. The dog can’t relax and is anxious. especially if they are in a very noisy environment. And more reasons that keep you up at night. But there are some ways to help your dog get the night time sleep he/she needs. Exercise your dog during the day.

Most dogs are known to be really hyper and like to play around. And they have a lot of energy to do it. So make sure that all of the energy your dog has is well spent by exercising. There are some exercise programs best for your dog that you can search for online. Just make sure that it’s appropriate for their age, breed, and health condition. You can also consult a professional animal trainer to know more about what your dog needs. Feed your dog early in the evening. It’s good to feed your dog’s last meal for the day early in the evening. So he or she doesn’t have to go putty at night.

That could disrupt the dog’s sleep. And also make sure that they have access to the spot where your dog likes to go putty, just in case he needs to go. Fix the dog’s sleeping spot. Even dogs could be uncomfortable with their sleeping spot if there is a lot of clutter that needs cleaning. Make sure all the toys, tools, etc. are in their right place. The dog could also get tired of sleeping on a surface they usually sleep on, like the floor, a dirty old mat, or a box. Consider buying them a bed or mattress suitable for dogs.

Check that the room is conducive to sleep. Dogs are very sensitive towards their surroundings. If their sleeping spot is surrounded by a noisy environment, especially at night, they might have trouble getting relaxed because of the disturbances. So make sure that their spot is relaxing and free from loud noises.

There are still other reasons that cause your dog to stay up at night, like health problems or conditions, trauma, etc. So it is also highly recommended to consult a vet to further investigate the problem and establish a treatment plan or solution for your dog’s needs in order to get the sleep they need at night.


June 21, 2022 — Jen Cold