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Staying physically fit and healthy is important for the growth of your very well-being as it provides a plethora of benefits. Encouraging future generations to do exercise more can such as boosting your self-confidence, making you happier, reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases, keeping your muscles and bones strong and so on and so forth.

Despite all of this keeping your body in shape is not an easy task and it can become a burden and might even feel impossible especially for adults, who are busy and stressed from working all day. Staying fit can take a certain amount of dedication and an immense amount of discipline but do not let this discourage you from getting up on your feet and helping yourself grow physically and mentally. Here are some quick and easy ways you to keep your body up and running.

Make a routine. It is a known fact that to stay fit exercise must be done daily. As said before keeping your body in shape takes commitment and a proper routine would be a great way to manage your working hours and your resting hours.Best Running Water Bottles for 2021 | Openfit

Jog for 5- 10 minutes every day. Jogging is a great way to start the morning as it helps strengthen your heart which increases your physical and mental endurance.

Consistency. The key to getting your body in shape is to be as consistent as possible. Exercising everyday might seem like hassle but trust me If you are not able to do as many reps as you think you could that’s okay. Try to aim for 10 push-ups, 10 sit-ups every day though it does not have to be continuous. If you are still not able to consistently do 10’s try to work in your own pace; instead of doing 10 push-ups and sit ups, you do 5 push-ups and sit-ups. If the workout seems to become easier, try challenging yourself by increasing the number of sets you do every week.

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Eating a balanced diet. Balancing your diet means you have to take all the nutrients from the 5 food groups in the right proportions whether is taking in more carbs or reducing your fat intake. Carbohydrates should take up 40-65% of your diet with 20-35 % being fats and 10-35% for proteins. An average male should intake a total of 3-4 liters a day whereas a woman should drink 2-3 liters a day. Eating meals that are high in fiber content such as potatoes, bread, whole grains etc.

Break your bad habits. Breaking those unnecessary habits is key to keeping ourselves more focused on what we want to achieve and ultimately make ourselves a better and healthier person.

But how may we break these habits? Well, we must first identify these unnecessary fixations that can compromise our growth to becoming the best we can be whether its drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes when we are stressed to turning your cheat meals into cheat days. Here are some techniques you can use to get rid of these harmful habits.

Replace your habits with a better alternative

If you cannot stop a certain habit or find it hard to suppress, just find something else to do. Studies have shown that pressuring ourselves to force a thought out of our mind can cause us to think about that certain idea more. As an example, if you are an alcoholic who is trying to quit drinking instead of telling yourself not to drink try thinking of cooling yourself off instead.

Try to keep in touch with a friend or partner

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Having a great companion to support you is important as not only will they bring you more happiness into your life but they will be there as your companion to help you resolve all of your problems and that includes breaking a bad habit of yours. Research has shown that people which have a fulfilling relationship with their friends and family have led to a reduced risk of diseases as well as a happier and prolonged life.

Set better goals for yourself

Instead of trying to aim for the more optimal and safe plan every-day, try becoming more ambitious and adapt to a more positive mindset as this can help yourself progress more consistently and become more focused. For example, instead of buying yourself the same meals every time, try shopping for healthier alternatives and rather than burning 300 calories a day you shift to burning 400 calories daily. But do not let this contradict to the idea that pacing yourself is not good as overdoing such work can cause you to exhaust yourself leading to a much slower growth due to your body having no recovery time.

Learn to have some patience

Gaining patience can grant you wonders as you can not only can you break your habits by making yourself less eager to react to boredom, it may also give you a better and more positive lifestyle as it can block out certain emotions such as anger and sadness which in turn makes you a more peaceful and pacifist type of person. Not only will you become more tranquil but you may also become more sympathetic and caring for others. A great way to start building your patience is by meditating. Meditation is a great and easy way to free yourself from stress and balance your emotions as well as keep yourself more focused.

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I hope this article has helped you in a lot of ways and has transformed you to become the best person you are. With that being said, have a wonderful day ahead and remember to stay cold.

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