Being pregnant- I try to up my water intake – since it’s still insanely hot in CA. This water bottle works great.
I am someone who definitely does research before investing in something — even as simple as a water bottle. This one has pretty much all I am looking for and for a pretty good price here on Amazon. It holds a good amount of water and has a great cover with a lid that completely covers the top with a twist.

I love the fact that the lid covers the entire top, because I’m a germ-phobe and think that when the top is completely covered when not in use there’s less chances I’m putting my mouth on something dirty. 🙂
It also seems less “clunky” than an aluminum or other metal bottle to me (while being BPA free!).

I don’t recommend using in the dishwasher. I hand wash it using a bottle cleaner, and it’s easy to keep clean.

Overall a great bottle that is high quality and does just what it says: keeps things cold!!

Review by on October 3, 2015