I live in a humid climate, and it’s particularly important to stay properly hydrated – and it definitely helps to have a handy source of nice, cool water that you actually want to drink. I usually keep a glass of ice water handy at the coffee table while watching TV, but have always had a lot of issues with condensation. Before getting this bottle, I’ve ended up placing a stack of old newspapers down, then putting a coaster to set my glass on top of.

Not any more with this bottle! It not only keeps my drinks ice cold, but also solves the entire condensation/sweat problem. I filled it up with ice and normal tap water, and by the end of the day, the ice still hadn’t completely melted yet. And the outside of the bottle stays completely dry.

I really like the design of this bottle. It’s well made and attractive. A lot of people I know use those Hydroflask bottles, which I’d say don’t do the job any differently than this one, but I’ve always thought that those things are overhyped, overpriced, and the logo looks hideous. I definitely recommend this.

Review by on September 27, 2015