I have a couple of other water bottles that claim to keep your water as cold as when you put it in, and have been quite disappointed with them. When I got the chance to try this one, I thought what the heck, may as well. This water bottle does what is says it will! I have put ice water in it and left it in the hot car for hours, came back and it is still ice water! I like that the opening is big enough to add in regular size ice cubes easily. I can also easily fit my bottle brush for cleaning. It does not condensate, so no puddle of water on your table like with some water bottles. I have had this in my gym bag, purse, and work bag, jostling around, and it has not leaked at all. This is a smaller size than some water bottles, which makes it a little easier to haul around with you wherever you go.

Review by on January 16, 2016