The Coldest Water Bottle one Gallon: Enjoy Summer Beach Parties without Fear of Dehydration

Summer is considered a lovely season to enjoy parties and picnics. According to the experts, summer is a season to hit the lakes, beaches and water pools if the first two options are not available. Are you planning to stay at the beach with your family? That’s a nice idea but it requires arrangements. As a matter of fact, spending an entire day at the beach is difficult if you don’t have basic supplies such as skin protectors, proper hydration, and others. Among the most important factors, the hydration is very prominent. The Coldest Water presents Coldest Water Bottle 1 Gallon for the families, kids, and friends at beaches.

Why Is Hydration Necessary?

Actually, we love to spend the day at the beach while playing games. People who know swimming and surfing spend a memorable time there. During all these physical activities, body water level goes down because of heavy sweating. On the other hand, beaches are places where finding shade to avoid direct sunlight is difficult. High humidity is another augmenting factor which speeds up the water loss in the body. All these things contribute to dehydration. How to avoid dehydration? It is easy if you continue drinking fresh and cold water. Now finding a source of fresh and cold water at the beach is next challenge for the families with kids.

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Buy the Coldest Water Bottle:

We recommend parents to think about Coldest Water Bottle one gallon. This is a newly launched water bottle by The Coldest Water. We have successfully designed other types of insulated water bottles. After the immense success of Coldest Bottle 21 oz, 32 oz, and 64 oz, we decided to go for a bigger storage. Our clients were also interested to get a large container which has the similar advantages for them. With a continuous effort collectively made by our engineers and experts, the Coldest Water Bottle one gallon finally appeared in the markets.

Features of Coldest Water Bottle One Gallon:

  • Multipurpose bottle for ice cube keeping, drinking and storing.
  • Comes with standard lid (2.0).
  • Odor resistant with No-Sweat Technology.
  • Strong handle offers heavy-duty function.
  • The superior design which has stainless steel.
  • The double wall is topped with specialized powder coat.
  • An ultimate growler for the high performers and athletes.
  • Free from cutting corners and cheap materials.
  • A fit product to fulfill most of your demands.
  • Comes with the lifetime warranty.
  • Discounted price for early birds is $114.99.

Cyclists Water Bottle

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Do you Need Refrigeration?

Using the Coldest Water Bottle 1 gallon enables the parents to insert ice cubes in the bottle. These ice cubes will remain solid for more than 24 hours. The bottle has the tendency to keep drinks cold for more than 36 hours. You can take the ice cubes from this bottle for other drinks. There is no need to keep the Coldest Water Bottle inside the refrigerator. It has a stainless steel structure protected by the double wall having powder coating. This provides additional insulation and the drinks remain cold, fresh and delicious for longer.