These days a lot of people are into gadgets or into more in digital world most especially when the pandemic came everything that you need to do involved the digital world that is why majority of the people worldwide had a long screen time during those times, without even noticing that their eyes may be strained.

When you use your eyes for extended periods of time to focus on something, such as when using a computer or smartphone screen, reading a book, driving, or performing close-up work like stitching, you risk developing eye strain. Although it is not serious, it can be inconvenient.

Eye strain can also happen if you are having difficulty seeing anything because of a vision issue and your eyes are straining more than usual to see clearly. As your eyes strain and you put more effort into seeing, the objects you wish to see could appear hazy.

Eye strain has increased as people spend more time using electronic devices. Digital eye strain or computer vision syndrome are terms used to describe eye discomfort brought on by using electronic devices.

Signs Of Strained Eyes

  • Itchy Eyes
  • Dry Eyes
  • Excessive Tearing
  • Headache
  • Blurred Vision

What to do when you experience eye strain? Check the list below.

Simple Ways To Reduce Eye Strain

  • Pause in what you are doing
  • Adjust lighting
  • Limit screen time
  • Relax your eyes with cold compress
  • Gentle eye massage

After all this remedies and you still experience eye strain, it is best to consult your doctor to check on what is happening in your eyes.

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