Five Ways Hiking Is Good for You

Since the pandemic, our environment has changed dramatically, and many individuals feel increasingly isolated. Staying at home, studying, sending emails, and using social media have become the new normal. We need to detach from technology and reconnect with nature to recharge, and one of the best ways to touch nature is to Hike. Hiking in the woods increases your happiness, helps you fight depression, and exercise. You must be prepared to make your hike more enjoyable and memorable. Overpacking and physical discomfort can be avoided by planning ahead of time.

Hiking must-haves:

Sun Protection – Every hiking trip should include sunscreen, sunglasses (ideally polarized), a brimmed hat, lip balm, and protective gear.

Navigation – Every hiking journey requires a map, compass, or GPS device, this can prevent you from getting lost on the trail.

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Shelter – If you’re going to spend the night in the woods, you’ll need to pack a shelter to keep yourself safe from insects, wild animals, and weather.

Fire Starter – When you’re out in the woods, it’s a good idea to have multiple types of fire starters on hand for maximum preparedness and protection.

First Aid Supplies – While it’s more likely that you’ll have an amazing experience in nature, emergencies do happen, that Is why always carry a comprehensive first aid kit.

Repair Kit – Remember to have lightweight tools and supplies with you to patch tears or holes in your tent, backpack, and other items quickly and easily. A backpacking trip can be ruined if you don’t have the correct survival gear.

Light – Even if you don’t plan on staying out until dark, bring a reliable headlamp on every hike. You can even get a camping lamp that acts as an SOS signal if you’re setting up a tent.

Cooking Gear – Bring a small cooking stove with you if you want to eat warm meals and hot coffee while trekking. Small utensils, plates, and food containers for storage.

Food and water – Remember to pack foods that are nutritious. Camping meals should energize and feed you in preparation for long-day activities. On the trail, stay hydrated to keep your body’s vital systems working smoothly. Bring a small water filter and be aware of water sources along the way.

Backpack – The adventure requires a backpack that can carry all your essentials. A solid hiking backpack guarantees that you have exactly the correct amount of room to carry all of your essential goods without being overburdened. It has the ideal capacity and weight ratio, which is important if you plan to camp for more than one night.

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