After reading reviews about the Hydro Flask sport cap, I decided to give this a try. As others have pointed out, this product is meant for the 21 ounce bottle and not the 24 oz version. As such, the straw that comes with this is shorter than it needs to be. They are supposed to be releasing a longer straw but would have preferred it if they included a longer straw like Hyrdo flask does with the wide mouth straw lid and cut it to length. I have been using this almost every other day at the gym and I drink lots and lots of water. For a 2 hour gym session, the straw piece gets folded up and down at least 40 times so that should give you a sense of durability since I have had it for about 3 weeks. I haven’t seen any issue with leaks when I have had the bottle on its side rolling around in my car, which is a plus.

Review by on March 4, 2016

May 22, 2016 — Shopify API