Summer Running: Tips to Beat the Heat

Is the temperature increase affect the duration of training period? Do the changes of humidity in the atmosphere have a direct impact on your speed? If you modify your activities, it will help to increase the training duration during summertime? With that said, the following is a well- though advice on how to improve and get the best out of the summer running and exercises.

1- Be an Early Riser

One of the best ways to avoid the high temperatures during the summer is waking up early. Therefore, the morning hours are the coolest sessions of the day. Another part of the day that has cool temperatures is during the evening when the sun is sun setting. This routine is favorable due to the fact that there are no direct sun rays and the temperatures are between 15 to 20 degrees. These temperatures can also be achieved during the day by running through shaded lanes or gardens.

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2- Keep Yourself Hydrated:

Water is very important in a person’s metabolic activities especially before starting a vigorous activity such as in summer running. Precisely, cold water decreases the body temperature, as a result of delaying the effect of the increased temperatures during the summer. Considering the fact that during the summer a person sweats a lot and loses a lot of fluids, water is important to keep the body hydrated. Thus, it is advisable that an individual carries enough water in the coldest bottle during the runs.

On the other, an individual can opt for a route that has water taps or stores along the way. Another consideration that is important in carrying water in the coldest water bottles. These are well insulated and keep the fluids cold for a long time to beat the heat. Concisely, the recommended quality for an individual to drink between 16 to 23 ounces of cold water after a run in order to recover and prepare for the next run.

3- Dress Appropriately:

During the summer runs light-colored clothing is the best due to the fact that they reflect away the sun rays and do not absorb heat keeping the body cool. Another consideration of the clothing is that it should be made of fiber that transfers heat away from the body. Additionally, the clothing should be loose to give allowance for any breeze in the atmosphere. Lastly, an individual should wear a hat and a pair of sunglasses to the direct sun rays away from the face.

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4- Be Patient:

According to a research carried out by scientists, it takes a maximum of two weeks for a body to adapt to any change of temperature. Thus, an individual will go through tough times in summer running until he/she was doing running under the cold temperatures. With that said, it important that you run at your pace at the beginning even if it is a slower pace. With time you can increase your speed and be consistent and with time the speed will improve.

Carry Ice:

During the run make sure you have ice in order to keep your body cool. There are various locations where you can place the ice such as in the hat, in the sports bra, socks or even holding the ice on your hands. Lastly, this cooling effect could accomplish by running through sprinkler which the best way to keep the bodies cool and beat the heat.

In all the cases, you must carry a coldest water bottle to hydrate yourself in summer running and beat the heat.