When it comes to picking out dog bowls for your pup, you’ll be confused by choice in terms of size, style, and material. Other factors come into play in addition to selecting a bowl that will hold an appropriate volume of food, durability and safety that can meet your dog’s needs as he grows. When compared to other types of dog dishes, stainless steel bowls have a number of advantages.

There are a lot of pet bowls in the market that you can buy and try and will suit for you. Here some of the materials that you can see in the market.

1. Plastic Bowl
2. Stainless Steel Bowl
3. Silicone Bowl
4. Ceramic Bowl

Among these bowls stainless steel is the best choice for your pets not only because of its durability, but it also holds the hot and cold temperature, it is non-porous which mean that tiny bacteria cannot enter the bowl’s surface. These shining metal bowls also do not scratch easily, so there are no cracks or crevices in which food particles or bacteria can hide. Stainless steel bowls are simple to clean.

The number one problem with other materials is that it can easily form molds when you didn’t clean the bowl frequently and thoroughly.

Are molds harmful for pets?

Definitely! Molds are harmful not only to humans but also to your pets. It will affect your dogs respiratory and digestive system and it can also give your pet a long term allergic reactions.

Here are some symptoms that your pets are exposed in molds:

  • rapid breathing
  • Excessive nasal discharge
  • Coughing, sneezing, and wheezing
  • Bleeding from the nose and/or mouth
  • Some dogs will experience an allergic reaction, resulting in excessive scratching, chewing, or licking
  • If your dog consumes mold, it may experience decreased appetite, vomiting, and bowel changes.

So now, if you think a stainless steel bowl is best for your pet, you better change their bowl. It’s never too late to change to the best and highest quality food bowl for your fur babies.

The Coldest Dog Bowl

We not only provide bottles in the Coldest Water, but we also provide the best equipment for your pets. It can hold the coldest water and the hottest food for a long time. It was made with heavy duty stainless steel and triple-walled insulation. It also has a non-skid, non-slip rubber underlay. It also comes in different colors and sizes. In addition to that, you can personalize the bowls with your pet’s name.