Extending the time is implemented in a experiment to show the bottles’ limits when it comes to retention of low temperature of fluids. 2 Bottles which is a regular gym bottle and The Coldest Water bottle would go to a 48 hours test to find out which is better at retaining coldness of fluids. In this test, a regular gym bottle and The Coldest Bottle are both filled with ice and water with the amount as even as possible and leave them for 24 hours in a room untouched.

Best Water Bottle

24 hours later The Coldest bottle’s temperature is 33° F and it still has ice in it while the regular gym bottle is 78° F, making the coldest 45°F colder than the regular gym bottle. Then another 24 hours have passed which makes the test duration 48 hours. The regular gym bottle is at 78°F while The Coldest Bottle is 34°F which makes The Coldest Bottle 44°F colder. Extending the time not only proves that The Coldest able to retain low temperature for for a single day but also as longer as 48 hours.


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July 15, 2022 — Jen Cold