The Coldest Water Bottle: I do love this water bottle! All my other ones are obsolete now. I’ve had it for nearly three weeks and use it constantly. The 2nd day I had it, I was surprised to find the ice had not melted after it sat on the kitchen counter from the previous day. On the 3rd day, I had left the cap off intentionally the night before to melt the ice so I could wash it out. Much to my surprise, the cold just settled in the bottom of the bottle and the ice was still unmelted. I don’t know how it’s done but this little gem is ridiculously good at keeping some reserve ice so you can refill the bottle again and again for almost two days. The trick is to fill it with ice no more than half way so you have plenty of water before it’s time to refill. Bottom line is I took a $20 gamble and it paid off beautifully. You’ll be drinking ice cold water all the time too! It’s worth it.

PROS: Managed correctly, it will maintain enough ice to chill water for close to two days. It has a rugged powder coat finish. This bottle is very durable. The lid handle is very solid and secure.

CONS: The Coldest Water Bottle is not huge by any means. You’ll have to refill it often but the reserve ice will chill your water instantly. The black finish might cause more rapid ice melt in direct hot sun but I did leave it in my hot car for six hours while fishing – came back and it still had plenty of ice. You have to unscrew the cap each time for a drink but it is very secure with a silicone gasket. This bottle won’t leak when it’s on it’s side. It’s durability might be offset by it’s weight which is a little heavy for long treks. I wish the drink through lid(sold separately) will become available soon on Amazon. The best improvement to be made to this bottle is to attach a rubber boot on the bottom. The thin powder coat finish is evident when you set the bottle on a hard surface from the metallic “ping” noise it makes. Won’t be long though before I find something rubberized to fit snug around the bottom.

Review by on May 10, 2016