Eye strain or eye fatigue is a common issue nowadays. Some common causes of eye strain are continuous exposure to gadgets, computer screens, and straining to see or read in dim light.

There are many ways to relieve eye strain or eye fatigue. You may try to limit your screen time. You can also try to take a break for 20 seconds, every 20 minutes. You may also adjust your screen settings like brightness, contrast, and font size to make it comfortable for your eyes. You can also try to use a screen filter to reduce the glare of your gadget and you may position your gadget lower than your eyes.

There are other ways to relieve eye strain or eye fatigue however, one of the best ways to relieve eye strain is using a simple solution by using an eye ice pack. Using eye ice packs are safe and effective for eye strain or eye fatigue.

The Eye Ice Pack are created to give relief for dry eyes, puffy eyes, eye pain, eyes redness, corneal laceration stress, eye swelling, scratched eye, and itchiness.

Reasons to use the Eye Ice Pack:

1. Eye ice packs constrict blood vessels, they will additionally improve the looks of dark circles and also the discomfort of puffy eyes. You will see the changes in your eyes if you use the eye ice pack regularly. No one wants to have dark circles, right?

2. Cold eye ice pack specifically benefits the sensitive skin around the eyes. It will help moisturize and heal your skin. Just make sure to use it in moderation.

3. It can bring relief to your migraines or headaches. Using an eye ice pack may relax and soothe the veins around your eyes that is causing the headache.

4. It can also bring relief to your eye stress that was brought by working hours in front of your screens.

5. It can help relax and improve eye swelling or eye bags. The eye ice pack will help remove fluid retention to help you feel fresh. Who wants to walk with baggy eyes? I’m sure that won’t be me.

How to Use the Eye Ice Pack?

1. Store your eye ice pack in the freezer for 2 hours to ensure freezing the gel.
2. Do not apply the eye ice pack directly on your skin as it can cause frostbite.
3. It is advised to apply the eye ice pack after physical activity to the area to relieve the pain.
4. You can use it two to three times per day, but try to limit the usage to 20-30 minutes per session.

Warning: Do not put the eye ice pack in the microwave as the eye ice pack is specifically developed for cold therapy.

Eye Ice packs are necessary to soothe different eye conditions. It is a must to buy a reusable eye ice pack like The Coldest Eye Ice Pack as it is a worthwhile investment. The eye ice pack should make a great part of your self-care routine. Bring your eye ice pack anywhere to help you relax and relieve your eye strain.

March 06, 2022 — arwen cold