I really like this water bottle. I’ve been looking for a really good quality bottle and well…this is it! It is pretty heavy, so you know its a good one! The outside has a nice coating on it, the top screws in really nice. I washed its twice before I used it just so it wouldn’t have that funky taste in it like a lot of these bottles do. I was surprised that the water did not take on the flavor of the bottle like the plastic ones do. I haven’t had to test the water for over like 5 or 6 hours because I am always at home. But after 5 or 6 hours at school the water is still pretty cold especially if i fill it up with ice before I add the cold water to it. I really like the colors on this as well. Overall I really like this bottle and will probably end up ordering more at some point. Thank you for making such a well made product!

Review by on October 14, 2015