The Coldest Sports Water Bottle, 21 Oz Stainless Steel double wall vacuum sealed and insulated fit works for keeping your drinks cold for up to 22 hours. It has a wide mouth which makes putting in any size ice cubes easy and mess free! It is also environmentally safe and BPA free.

What I like the most is that is keeps not only your beverage cool, but there is ZERO condensation and the bottle is not cold to the touch like most other water bottles. This water bottle is also lightweight and the handle on top is perfect to use with a clip so you can attach it to whatever you choose which makes it easy to carry

I filled the bottle up with ice and room temperature water. I let it sit outside in 90 degree temperature, in the direct sun, and checked it 6 hours later and the water was not only cold but there was still ice not melted! This in itself sold me.

Review by on October 6, 2015