I’ve been looking for the straw version of the hydro flask standard mouth for a while. I’ve used the sports lid before but it was a bit cumbersome having to invert the bottle every time. Also, since the mouth piece isn’t protected, you have to be careful where throwing the bottle around. I find myself wiping the mouthpiece from time to time to make sure its clean. I have a 40oz wide mouth and using the straw lid prevents ice from melting as fast compared to the standard screw top lid. This one is very comparable to that one. Naturally, since the bottle is smaller, the mouth piece is smaller as well than the wider mouth straw. The flow of water is limited but is adequately sufficient for sipping purposes. The lid feels very much like the original lid and sports cap. I am sure durability is just as good. I’ve experienced no leaks of any kind. The design of the lid has a similar sized loop as the standard lid for clipping onto a bag. Unlike the hydro flask straw lid, this lid uses a different clear plastic for the mouth piece. I’m not sure if this is a problem but it reminds me of the camel backs I used to use. The mouth piece would break making it difficult to flip open. I hope this does not happen with this. Will update with any changes.

-One of only a few option I’ve found for standard mouth hydro flask lids
-Durable build, looks great
-Perfect fit, no leaks

Review by on November 18, 2015

May 22, 2016 — Shopify API