Amazing WATER BOTTLE!!! I received this as a gift for Christmas from a friend who knew I LOVED my hydroflask.. I use water bottles daily so I can never have to many.. This water bottle is simply amazing! I can fill it with Ice Water and it will have Ice left the next day. Even if I leave it outside in the sun!! This bottle performs just as well, if not better than my hydroflask bottles!!

1.) Cool Design – I personally love the design and looks of this bottle. I even love the NAME of it!
2.) Fits Hydroflask and clean canteen narrow mouth lids. The lid for this bottle will even fit on my Hydroflask
3.) Keeps liquids cold – I have had ice left in this bottle the next day
4.) Keeps coffee HOT!! My wide mouth bottles I even place soup in BUT this narrow mouth is a little small for soups
5.) Easy to Grip
6.) Being vacuum sealed, it doesn’t sweat or leave watery “rings” everywhere
7.) Floats – I have dropped this in the pool during my daily swim and it floats GREAT.. This comes in handy especially if you like water activities such as canoeing and kayaking like myself
8.) No issues fitting ice cubes in this bottle
9.) Fits in my bike bottle holder!

Overall: I have a lot of bottles and I am slowly switching 100 % to vacuum insulated bottles.. This is one my my favorites right behind Hydro flask.. I own several different brands of vacuum bottles and this one is in my top 5! It keeps water cold ALL DAY LONG, liquids hot most of the day, and it is a VERY durable bottle..

Review by on February 24, 2016