So I purchased this product to serve as a cleaning tool for all my Starbucks and wannabe Starbucks tumblers/bottles collection that I have at home. Saw that this cleaning tool was a three component set all held together on a convenient ring (organized tools is every OCD moms dream) it was a done deal for me. Product arrive on time, no issues, first star earned. First impression – DURABLE, second star earned.

The bristles aren’t soft and flimsy, they’re sturdy and have a durable feel, so already not one of those throw away brushes. I can keep this set for quite awhile without having to replace it, third star earned. The main brush has a handle that is long enough for my tallest water bottle, narrow and easy to maneuver with the gripped handle. The straw brush long enough, and fit without problem.

Short brush worked perfectly for scrubbing all that yuck out of the lid crevices. One, two, three brushes worked as described, solving all my bottle cleaning issues; fourth star earned. The icing on the cake, this wonderful little ring that keeps the brushes held together so I am not have to search where my teens put it away for safe keeping. All in one place, and can be hung up right underneath my sink; fifth star well deservedly earned. Priced at $12.99, this is a very fair investment. Happy OCD mom.

Review By WSK on September 14, 2016

September 21, 2016 — Shopify API