NICE Set of three different brushes- one long one for getting into water bottles and mugs, Also any other long or tall container with a skinny neck- Then a thin straw brush for those tumbler stainless straws or those travel mugs and Starbucks cups we all use over and over- even the kiddie cups with the straws that fold down when you push the spout down.

A third brush is great for all the nooks and crannies and hiding places in those lids – the ones with slides and twist that shield the opening ans such- High quality materials are used in this set- also a ring for keeping them tougher is provided although the two smaller brushes can be removed without opening this ring- I had the opportunity to purchase this nice set of three bottle brushes at a discounted cost for testing, inspecting and reviewing.

Review By T. George On August 31, 2016

September 24, 2016 — Shopify API