Very nice Insulated tumbler. I have several 30oz tumblers from various brands. I prefer the 30oz size but they are a bit too bulky for my wife so I got this one for her to try something a little more manageable. She liked the much better and it performed about as well as the 30oz tumblers I have, for the most part. I filled it with ice water at 11:30am on 4/27 and let it sit at room temperature until the next morning when I had to got to work, at 6:30am on 4/28, there was still ice. It wasn’t a full 24 hours but pretty close.

The only complaint I really have is the logo is huge and is printed on the side of the cup. I figured it was a label or sticker that would come off that said “The COLDEST water” but its not, it is printed on the cup. Aside from that the cup performs very well and I like the powder coated black paint (you could probably just turn the logo around to the back if it bothers you).

Review by on May 3, 2016