I’m not going to lie, I wasn’t expecting to like this water bottle as much as I am. I was shocked when in the morning I poured some cool bottled water in the bottle and when I went to take a drink a couple hours later it tasted possibly cooler than what I put in and it stayed cool for the rest of the day! I was pleasantly surprised that it doesn’t sweat, so no water ring on my table at work. The opening of the bottle is big enough to put ice cubes in, though if you put cold water in it I guarantee it will stay cold with out the ice cubes. Another big plus is that it doesn’t smell or taste like metal, it may sound silly, but the water tasted almost like fresh mountain spring water…I would most certainly recommend this bottle to anyone who wants to stop using plastic bottles and wants to get away from bottles with BPA in them! I am happier than I would have expected from a water bottle!

Review by on January 13, 2016