This thing is so perfect! I had a water bottle with a straw and little bit and suck lid that I loved but had gotten moldy, It was sitting in the back of my cabinet all sad and abandoned, until this came along!!! It has everything you need to have a clean waterbottle! The straw cleaner its fantastic, the big scrubber gets all the grime off and the medium scrubby gets all the gunk out of the lid where the threading is.

Even if you only use water in you bottle, it will still get grimy over time. I am so glad I got this, I dont know how I lived without it for so long with all the water bottles I go through. I am glad I can stop throwing them away once they grime up (only once a year but still, the guilt). I also use this for cleaning skinny cups and the long one for my reusable glass straws. AMAZING!

Review By Michelle G On August 30, 2016

September 24, 2016 — Shopify API