I am very picky about my water bottles, so it definitely takes a lot for a new bottle to impress me. The Coldest Water bottle has done that. I have not tested the accuracy of the product name (“The Coldest”), but as far as I’m concerned, it has done its job and done it well. First, it is sturdy and not cheap feeling. It is too early yet to tell whether the outside of the bottle will hold up to my daily usage, so I will try post an update later. As for keeping my water cold? Yes, I’m happy to report it has done that. I fill it with ice and cool water in the morning and continue topping it off throughout the day. The next morning, there is still ice in there and it’s still pretty cold. The top feels sturdy, but I wanted a more convenient way to drink my water, so I purchased the separate straw top (a little pricey at $9.99 in my opinion). I do like the straw top as it makes it much easier to drink from a reclined position. I hope this bottle will hold up the way my Zojirushis and Kleen Kanteens have and I look forward to testing it under the blazing heat of a good old California summer!

Review by on May 4, 2016