Mattress And Sleep – Are You Ready For Cooler Night Sleep?

You cannot get a good night’s sleep if you are constantly tossing around and turning in the bed just because you are feeling hot or you are sleeping beside a partner who is also hot. At the same time, you are not on the quality mattress. The ideal temperature between 60 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit is the best for good night’s sleep. But during summer time it is very difficult to consistently maintain the ideal temperature at that level and will be a costly affair. We have some important tips for hot sleepers to help them in cooling down and dozing off to good night sleep.

Is Your Bed Making You Hot While You Sleep?

The bed mattress that you use plays a major role in sleeping temperature. If the mattress is made up of latex, foam or inner springs then it has an effect on the sleeping temperature.

The Memory foam mattress gets really hot for people when they sleep on it and this is a major problem with foam mattresses. But if they use the Coldest Mattress, they will never face the problem of getting too hot while sleeping. This is a high-quality mattress that has Coldest Fusion Weave™ that is specifically developed for heat dispersion and dissipation. The RIDGE™ airflow system allows two things to happen. It improves heat dispersion across the entire mattress as well as provides a solid base mattress. So you don’t face problems like you do when you use other mattresses that are made up of foam. These coldest mattresses are made of high-quality material and designed to circulate air so that it keeps you cool in the bed all night.

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The Bed that you use has a direct impact on the sleeping temperature of yours. If you are a sleeper who is hot then you must not use woolen and satin bedding. Always use light material fabric like cotton when you are choosing blankets and sheets. If you are sleeping hot in the summer then you should layer your bed so you can keep cool in the warmer months and keep yourself warm in the colder months.

Choose a Cool Pillow:

As discussed earlier that if you are too hot and so is your head and neck region which is also hot then obviously you cannot sleep. If you are a hot sleeper then you need to take note of your pillow which is very important. You need to have the perfect pillow for your ideal sleeping position irrespective of you being a sleeper on your stomach or a side sleeper or back sleeper. You need to choose a pillow that breathes. The material for the mattress to be cool stands the same for a pillow as well.

Try a Coldest Pillow if you are looking for a cooler pillow. This Coldest Pillow is perfectly made for the circulation of air freely, to give comfortable support and helps you in sleeping cool. If you are a hot sleeper then this Coldest Pillow and Coldest Mattress are the best for you. It is made from the material that is cool to touch and also has a reversible side with a cooling insert.

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Other Sleeping Tips for Hot Sleepers:

Other than the Cool Mattress and bedding that is light you can also use these important tips to beat the heat.

Always wear light cool pajamas. Do not wear silk pajamas as they are not as cool as cotton. If you have to sleep comfortably then use loose fitting clothes so that they breathe and you can stay cool.

You can freeze your sheets before you go to bed. If you feel very hot then freeze the sheets in a plastic cover and then put them on your bed and then go to sleep and it will help you to feel cool sleep better.

You can use a fan to cool off. The fan can remove the hot air in the room if you point the fan towards the door of the room. It will push the hot air out of the room. You can point the fan towards you to cool off and place behind the fan a bowl of iced water with ice cubes in it and enjoy the cool breeze to doze off.

If you are feeling very hot then place an ice pack on your neck or wrists or other places so that you can quickly cool down.

Do not cuddle in the bed with your partner as both of you will feel very hot. Both of you will stay cool if you stay separately on your sides of the bed.

Keep doors and windows of your bedroom closed during the day. By this way, heat cannot come in the room and keep blinds closed and curtains closed. This will keep your bed cool and you can use it in the night ready to sleep cool.

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Cool Products from the Coldest Water:

Are you ready for a cooler night sleep? Choose Coldest Mattress and Coldest Pillow always for having a good night sleep. You can also buy various other Coldest Products to keep you and your family members cool all day and night.