I have a Coldest Water bottle and I love it. The only drawback of the bottle was the screw off top. I love the bottle but screwing and unscrewing process when I am at the gym is kind of a pain. This new lid turns my awesome bottle into the perfect bottle. The fit is perfect with a good true seal, the flip up straw is convenient but seals completely when closed and even has a convenient little tab on it that lets you open and close the straw without without touching the mouthpiece. The straw itself extends almost completely to the bottom but just far enough from it you actually get to miss out on the silt at the bottom if you you use the bottle for BCAAs or the like. The straw connects and disconnects easy from the cap for cleaning but its tight enough that it does not fall out. If you don’t want to deal with the internal straw you can remove it and still use the straw feature without issue. The new cap also has a nice molded loop in it that work great if you want to clip the bottle to your bag or just to hook a finger through it for carrying.

Review by on November 15, 2015

May 22, 2016 — Shopify API