I loved the Coldest Water Tumbler cup! It actually functioned as promised.

– The cup was a lot bigger than what I had expected. When I purchased this product I didn’t really look at the specifications however I was amazed to find how big it was (it’s approximately 6-5/8 inches high without the cover on and approximately 11 inches in diameter at the widest point and also has some weight to it approximately 0.8 lbs.).
– The cup really kept my cold water cold for a really long time, I was extremely impressed! I’ve bought similar products and it just didn’t work the same. I’m not sure if the cover helps keep it cold or not, I’ll need to try it without the cover on. Also I have yet to try hot products out. I’ll need to check back on that.
– The cup comes with a plastic cover which has a rubber gasket to help keep it from leaking over the sides while you drink. I even tested it out by filling the cup with water and turning it upside down and only the little hole to let air in and the spot that you drink from had water coming out.
– I like that the lid helps keep things from falling into the cup (with the exception of the spot that you drink from).
– I liked that it has a semi textured finish to help keep the cup from slipping out of my hand.
– The cup didn’t sweat.
– The cup didn’t have a metallic smell or cause my drink to taste metallic, unlike other stainless steel products I’ve purchased in the past.

Overall, I loved the Coldest Water Tumbler cup! I would highly recommend purchasing it since it functions extremely well as promised.

Review by on May 1, 2016