I have been looking for a water bottle like this for sometime now. I had purchased Teavana’s stainless steel tumbler that kept things cold and hot just as long as this one; however, the parts to the tumbler were horrible to clean. So after two months use, I dumped it. This one is a dream to clean because there are only TWO parts, the tumbler and the lid. The lid has nothing hidden and no intricate parts that are hard to reach to clean. LOVE IT! And YES, it definitely keeps things cold all day. I purchased four; one for my daughter, one for my husband and TWO for me ? I use one by my bedside and one to take to work. I fill it with ice and water before I leave (around 6:30 AM) and I refill it about twice. The room tempature water, of course, melts the ice a bit, but by the time I get home at 6:30 PM, I still have ice remaining. ???? I thought that it would be hard to drink from without a drinking spout, but it’s not and I actually like it. It seems to be more hygenic. However, I will be looking to purchase a lid with a drinking spout as I will need it when I take this on my 25+ bike rides. I KNOW I’m going to love having this on my rides. So, I will look to purchasing a third tumbler for myself just to keep for biking. ??. It says it’s the coldest water, but it can keep tea, coffee, soups or whatever hot or cold. And unlike other reviewers, I LOVE the color blue…it’s my favorite color… ?. However, it would be nice to have it in other colors (for others ?)

Review by on March 15, 2016