WOW…I LOVE this brush set!! I carry around a large (very large) insulated cup…believe it is 64oz, and it has a plastic straw which is such a pain to clean. The straw brush is long enough and easy to use, getting all the gunk out from a days use. The larger brush cleans the cup and the little rounded one cleans the lid up and around the lip.

Very good quality plastic. When I use the brush(es) I do not fear that I will break it (which I have done with lesser quality bottle brushes). The brush(es) are easy to clean, I just run it under hot water with a bit of detergent and swish it around. Because all three attach to a ring, I use the ring to hang the set up to dry. You can detach each brush if you want. My picture shows the wire brush cleaning my plastic straw, it fits snug but not too snug. I was skeptical when I first saw this, before ordering, but now am glad I did.

Review By Annette Weber-Smith On September 3, 2016

September 24, 2016 — Shopify API