This bottle is so awesome that even my dog try to steal it! I have 5 vacuum sealed, double walled style water containers because I always drink water during the way and I like having a variety of bottles. I was excited to see this bottle on the market because it looks cool and I like the handle at the top of the bottle as opposed to no handle or carrying it by the lid tether. It also lives up to its name: The COLDEST water. It keeps my water just as cold as my $50+ bottles (IE swell) but for less than half the price. I wish they would make a bigger version of this bottle. That is my only gripe. But I understand that most people do not drink as much as me. If you are in the market for a stylish bottle at a great price that also keeps water COLD, this is your thing. Just be careful…I guess the handle is a perfect way for your dog to take off with it 🙂

Review by on October 5, 2015