Is It Healthy To Drink Cold Water?

COLD Water − A Healthy Drink

Thirst is a natural instinct and we have to or should satisfy it to fulfill our body fluid requirement. In the busy and fast life, water is losing its importance to the commercially advertised sugar added tasty colorful and attractive so-called refreshing cold beverages. We buy it as we like it to satisfy our thirst. Is it healthy? Isn’t a glass of cold water a better healthy replacement of the aforesaid drink? Yes, it is, − all the goodness of water avoiding the unhealthy costly commercial option. But as water is free and we hadn’t earned it, so we tend to forget that it’s a natural gift just as sunlight. It is priceless, as it is one of the core elements of our existence− LIFE.

COLD Water − The Ideal Coldness

Answering the title question, yes, it is healthy to drink cold water. But there is an ‘if’. If you can endure it, you can drink cold water as a healthy drink. Most sportsperson rather prefers cold water as their refreshments and always keep the Coldest Water bottle with them. They have their reasons with high endurance level. Most of our life circles around home – workplace – home. We don’t undergo vigorous physical activities. We know sunlight is essential for our body. Do you like to stand for long hours in the scorching heat of the sun for the good of your health?

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Can you bear it? So, the underlying question is what should be the ideal coldness of water that it can both provide its goodness to our health as well as satisfy our taste buds the thirsty need for refreshment. We know the proven scientific facts of the usefulness of drinking water − even hundreds of articles of the usefulness of drinking warm water. So, what’s the problem of drinking ice−chilled cold water with the help of the Coldest Water bottle?

Of course, the problem lays in the difference between our average normal body temperature 98.6°F/ (37°C) and that of ice−chilled water at 32°F / (0°C). It can be a shock to the internal system of your body. The problem can be solved by Trial and Error Method. Start drinking less−cold water that you can endure and by drinking it sip by sip as we do with hot beverages − tea, coffee, etc. It will allow your body to adjust and adapt to the temperature difference hence all goodness of water prevails avoiding the side effects.

COLDEST Water− Stay Hydrated & Healthy

The basic need for drinking cold water is that it makes us feel better− that encourages us to drink more−helps to keep us dehydrated and healthy. Healthy in the sense, all the goodness of water needed for a healthy life avoiding the artificially scented and color sugar-added commercial beverages. Keep and carry your Coldest Water Bottle with you always to stay hydrated.

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COLD Water – Do’s (Time to Drink)

Time to drink is an important factor. Warm or lukewarm or even water of normal temperature is better to be taken in the early mornings and at late nights. Rest of the day you can drink as it suits you. As advised by many dieticians, there should a 30 minutes gap between drinking water (irrespective of temperature) after lunch or dinner. If necessary, a few sips only.

COLD Water − Don’ts

You should avoid drinking cold water during cold seasons if you have health issues. One important thing to note that don’t drink a lot of cold water at a time, only sip by sip, allow your body to adjust with the temperature difference, especially in a hot outdoor condition despite how you feel thirsty. Here, follow the rules of the sportspersons, who you will notice that they drink less, rather pour more over their face or body to bring down the temperature. Cold Water bathing is an important therapy and has its advantages.

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COLDEST Water− Make the ‘ideal’ Coldness Choice

Other factors that need to consider about the ideal coldness of water for the person drinking it, is − health, gender, age, physical activity, geographical location, and of course one’s endurance level. Adjust → Adopt → Habit (≠ Addict). Don’t overdo it. The basic fact− water is a healthy drink rather a necessity; both warm and cold water has their pros and cons− more or less. So try them both. Get a 1 Gallon Coldest Water Bottle to make you hydrated all the time. It is up to the person drinking it and several other relevant factors as discussed or beyond. Make the ideal Coldness choice, − be Healthy, Stay Healthy!