When they say this thing is insulated, they mean it! We totally found that out the hard way because when we first tried testing it out, we put tap water in it, screwed the cap on, and stuck the bottle in the fridge. Hours later we went to get it and the bottle was absolutely freezing. We opened it up, and the water was still about the same temperature as tap water. The bottle had absorbed all the cold! So we revamped our test – we put tap water in and left the cap off so that the cold could get to the water for a couple of hours in the fridge. When we pulled it out and took a drink, the water was cold! So we decided that we just need to put whatever temperature liquid we want in at the beginning and the insulated bottle will keep it that temperature. It really works great and the stainless steel looks and feels really quality. This thing is solid and will totally hold up over time no matter where you take it. The design and colors of the bottle are sleek too, which I totally like. Great bottle – no complaints. Nice job here.

Review by on January 18, 2016