Importance of Water in Human Life | Coldest Water Bottle

Why is water necessary for us as humans? Water is a precious wealth. Discover its different facets in this article.

Water is essential to our body. Our body needs it, just like many other living things. One of the main requirements of life on earth is water.

Importance of Water for Our Body:

Water represents 60% of our weight, or 50 liters for an individual of 70 kg (with differences related to sex, age, and body fat). Our 50,000 billion cells contain two-thirds of our body’s water. Through these figures, we can understand how dependent our body is.

Like air, water is a vital element in life. Water is also the vehicle of the figured elements of the blood, as well as that of certain secretions (tears, digestive juices). It is necessary to maintain the temperature (sweating) and the elimination of soluble waste (urine). We can’t go without water for more than five days. A loss of 10 to 15% can lead to death. It is recommended that always keep 1 Gallon Water Bottle to keep the water cold and fresh all the time even your work.

The water in our body is divided into three compartments: intracellular water, extracellular water, and blood. The quantity must remain constant and its concentration of ions, mainly Na + and K +.

The Water into Water in the Body is done by:

  • the drink (1.5 liters/day)
  • food (0.9 liters / day)
  • water produced by the combustion of food (0.6 liters/day)
  • Water in some foods

The Water Output of Our Body is done by:

  • breathing (0.5 l / day)
  • perspiration and perspiration: 0.9 l / day (more if sweating due to heat)
  • urine (1.5 l / day)
  • stool (0.1l / day)

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The Use of Water by Our Body is done by:

saliva: about 1 liter per day

gastric juice: between 2 and 2.5 liters per day

bile: 0.5 liters per day

pancreatic juice: 0.7 liters per day

intestinal secretions: about 3 liters a day

blood, which contains about 3 to 4 l of water.

The normal functioning of the body leads to the loss of about 2.6 liters per day. These losses should be balanced by equivalent contributions. Athletes, because of increased sweating during exercise, lose more water. This is essential to refuel the body to avoid dehydration. It is recommended by the nutrition experts to keep the coldest water bottle all the time to keep the body hydrated. It is recommended to buy 1 gallon coldest water bottle for you and your family and carry this insulated bottle during the travel.

Effects of Dehydration

Refueling is an important step during the running.

If the dehydration is less than 1%, no effect, maximum performance of the body, if it reaches 2%, onset of thirst, if it is about 3%, intense thirst and risk of decreased cognitive function (vigilance, lucidity), if it exceeds 5% concentration difficulties, headaches, decreased performance by 20 to 30% for athletes and if the deficit is greater than 6% there is danger! When one reaches 10% it is coma then death!

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The Thirst of Soldiers on the Pacific Battlefields:

In the case of intense sweating (or haemorrhage), water and salts are lost in equivalent proportions. But the water deficit generates an intense thirst so the injured will drink a good amount of water. But we did not replace the salt, it follows a movement of water to the inside of the cells that generate a sensation of sealing and the injured stops drinking even as the perspiration continues and he, therefore, continues to dehydrate. The weakness induced by this state wreaked havoc on US Pacific troops during the last war and on German and Allied troops in Africa. The Americans undertook to give the famous salt tablets to the soldiers.

The Marathon Running:

If the marathon is in the middle of the heat and in the sun! A large number of competitors will suffer from severe heat stroke. But it is not only the heat, the perspiration is very abundant to maintain the body temperature below 40 during a long race, the effort pushing up the temperature of the body and this leads to dehydration all the more important that it is hot. The amount of sweat can reach 2 liters per hour and carries with it a quantity of salt of 0.5 to 3 gr / L. It follows cramps, headaches, dizziness, then syncope. It requires a good training and proper hydration: water and salt.

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Necessary to keep your healthy liquids or water in perfect coldest water that can keep the liquid cold longer. The coldest water bottles are the perfect choice for athletics and sportspersons. These water bottles have the ability to keep the liquid cold for 36 hours, even ice cubes will not melt until 24 hours. Splashing water also helps to evaporate without losing water. These precautions will prevent all the possible accidents and considerably diminished their severity and frequency.

While evaporating, perspiration must maintain our body temperature. But this natural thermostat works only under two conditions:

Drink enough water to compensate for the losses of water and maintain the salt concentration. Without drinking, sweating decreases, temperature rises, cardiac output accelerates. Do not confuse thirst with dehydration.

It is highly recommended by the nutrients experts to keep the coldest water bottle and stay hydrated. These Coldest Water Bottles are available in different sizes, like The Coldest Water Bottle – 21 oz, The Coldest Tumbler, The Coldest Water Bottle – 32 oz, and recently introduced 1 Gallon Coldest Water Bottle.