Finally a water bottle that doesn’t get condensation on the outside. It got a little on the lid but didn’t drip or anything. Every water bottle I’ve had always had condensation running all over it making a mess and never kept my drink cold for more than a couple of hours. I wasn’t convinced it would last 24 hours as that’s a big statement. I tested myself by putting my ice in it and my usual sweet tea! I went shopping in 90 degree weather. I left it in the truck when I was in the stores, windows up! It was in my truck for at least 6 hours. I then came home and checked it. I still had at least 1/2 of my ice left and my tea was nice an cold. I decided to leave it sitting on the counter until the next day. I checked it 23 hours later and still had ice and nice cold tea. It goes well beyond the 24 hours. I’m not sure if it would last that long if it were out in the heat 24 hours but I feel it would be darn close. I really like the nice large opening, no more trying to get my ice into the bottle. The handle was comfortable, well made and just the right size for comfortable carrying. This water bottle will get lots of use year round! My opinions are my own and are not influenced in any way.

Review by on September 27, 2015