I enjoy drinking cold tea on my way to work, but once the ice melts I don’t like it anymore and dump the rest out when I get there. I’ve always wished I could have a beverage stay cold all day and taste good until I was finished.. (I know, a weird wish, but i’m a weird girl). This water bottle is awesome!! I can fill it with my ice tea in the morning, and my tea is cold and the ice is still not melted even if it lasts till after work! It hold 22oz which is plenty for me to sip on throughout the day. It fits nicely in my hand, grips well, and does not condensate. The bottle comes with a 3 year warranty also which is nice to know in case something happens. I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest review. I am so happy I discovered this and will enjoy this bottle for years to come!

Review by on October 3, 2015