I like this bottle. I tested it the first day. Filled the bottle 20% of the way with ice cubes. Added refrigerated water to just below the top. Put top on, shook it up and tested the water temperature 5 minutes later. It was 32.6 degrees. That is pretty cold. The room temperature was 79 degrees. Then laid the bottle on its side and three hours later I noticed condensation on the lid – right in the center of it, on the outside. Enough that it had dripped on the counter. No other place on the bottle had condensation so they must not have as much insulation in the lid. At 5 hours from the fill, I shook the bottle, opened it and measured the temperature. 38.5 degrees. At 8 hours total, it was 48.4 degrees. At 17 hours, it was 64 degrees. Since most recreation or sports activities will likely be within a five hour period, this bottle will do great.

Review by on April 17, 2016