The main element of our body is water, which represents 60 to 70% of body weight. The water is essential for the functioning of the cells, the cardiovascular system and the regulation of the temperature. And during hot weather, getting hydrated is also very important. So there is a need to keep the best one gallon water bottle for regular intake of water.

When practicing a physical activity, especially if it takes place in a hot environment, it is possible to quickly lose a large amount of water, especially through perspiration. This loss is detrimental to the good functioning of the metabolism and the muscular performances (if water is insufficient only 1% in the body, it will reduce the performance by about 10%). It also increases the risk of tendon diseases.

It is, therefore, necessary to keep the best one gallon water bottle and drink during your climbing or training sessions.

But which drinks to favor, and why?

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The Water:

We can have several origins to get it (spring water, tap, mineral). Strongly mineralized, as their name suggests, mineral waters have virtues that may interest us. For example, Vichy water, very rich in bicarbonates, has alkalinizing properties. It is interesting for the recovery of our forearms who often work in acidosis!

In the routine, it is rather advisable to consume spring water or simply of the tap water. If you prefer to drink mineral water, vary the origins to limit the risk of imbalances in minerals. The best one gallon water bottle keeps any type of water or liquid cold for 36+ hours.

Energy Drinks:

Used to the party, they are supposed to help push its limits. However, they are not recommended for athletes. The very strong carbohydrate intake is unsuitable for the effort and they increase the risk of injury or heart problems because of their hyperosmolarity which harms the rehydration and accentuates the mineral leakage. Their safety is also not proven. Because the toxicity limits for some of their components (taurine or glucuronolactone) remain unknown!

Bullfighting and Climbing:

You can use sweet drinks that include sodas, concentrated fruit juices or pure juices. These may be of interest as they contain vitamin C. Keep any type of drinks in the best one gallon water bottle and get the liquid fresh on the time of need.

However, beware: consumed primarily, these drinks significantly increase caloric intake. In addition, acidity (especially sodas) and sugar levels sometimes very high that effect on dental health.

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In the end, water is the only essential daily drink. And if you want to vary the pleasures, do it then with infusions.

7 Things to Remember:

Always carry best one gallon water bottle along with you.

Always drink before you are thirsty.

Moisturize regularly, in small quantities (a few sips of water between each lane may be enough).

Drink during but also after the climbing or training sessions.

Do not overdo sodas and other sugary drinks, let alone alcohol, even if the beer has a reputation for helping recovery.

A daily water ration (excluding training) of 2 liters is a minimum. Drink more if possible.

The color of the urine is a very good indicator; their clarity is proof of good hydration.