How Water Normalize Inner Cooling System of the Human Body:

Just like the home air conditioning systems, our body has an inner temperature regulation system. It has a thermostat which helps the internal body to cool down. There are two major influencers in this system. The first one is integumentary while the second one is our circulating system. There is more than 70 % water in the body and it has threshold limits. It is important to see the upper as well as lower limits in order to avoid the bad circumstances. Make you inner cooling by drinking from the coldest water bottle.

Signs of Dehydration First Appear On Skin:

The integumentary system comprises of nails, skin, and hair. Unlike skin, nails and hairs have little medical emergency cases. However, our skin is the first defense check-post which saves us in adverse conditions. For example, the signs of dehydration first appear on the skin. Experts believe that skin is a major constituent of skin and it is an organ which provides following services.

  • Sensory input.
  • Temperature regulation.
  • Environmental protection.

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The environmental protection has different forms. For example, skin saves us from the microbial infections. It is important to follow the antiseptic procedure in case of skin damage. A wound on the skin may serve as a gateway to bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Skin also provides services of evaporation. This is a cooling system in simple words. The body starts to release small water droplets containing extra salt present inside the body. These droplets moisturize the skin serving as a cooling agent. This is the simplest method of temperature control in the human body.

Skin is the Frontline Defense System:

Skin is a sensory organ. It is the first or frontline defense system which indicates the upcoming changes. It sends signals to the brain (too hot, too cold, pain or others) whenever there is an incident. This makes the brain to take actions immediately. Regulation of hormones and sweat is an effort started on the skin. Our skin is the first agent to sensor the increasing temperature in the environment which ultimately results in inner temperature rise. This activates the nervous system to generate signals of increasing temperature in order to start the cooling systems.

On the other hand, the circulatory system which is also known Closed System as it contains blood vessels full of blood. Important nutrients supplied to the tissues and cells with the help of bloodstream. Important gases such as oxygen also transported using the blood. However, this transportation is done in a closed system. Blood plasma is the body plays a vital role in this process. Blood plasma also is known to control the PH of the body. It is a fact that drinking more water maintains the water level in the blood. Therefore, it is important to keep pure and fresh water in The Coldest Water Bottle to enjoy the real coldness for several days. This bottle can deliver cold water for more than 36 hours.

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