Mountain climbing is a real fascination. It attracts the people towards the beauty of mountains and high peaks. Do you love standing high? For me, it is very beautiful to touch the heights of famous mountains in the world. I have been involved in several climbing tours and programs. Professionalism, experience, knowledge, and patience are factors what I consider important to successfully complete such challenges. Those who are going to climbing tours are suggested to focus on the following points. This will keep them safe, active and easy until they reach the goals.

Understanding Types of Climbing:

Obviously, we are not talking about a tree or wall climbing. There are two major types of mountain climbing. These types are based on the season. It would be called summer or spring climbing if you are going to the mountains in summers. On the other hand, winter climbing is an activity which is performed in the months of summers even on the same mountain range. Understanding the type of climbing is very important as it decides the things to do next. For example, clothing, food supplies, coldest water bottle and other gears depend on the season.

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Pack Your Foods And Drinks:

Meals should be taken after short periods. Climbers spend more energy during the physical activity. Therefore, they face the quick loss of energy. Fats and calories burn immediately when you walk continuously for several hours. The impact of weather is also prominent in this case. People going for the mountain climbing in summer months will need more water than those to go in winters. It would be important to think about foods and drinks and coldest water bottle according to the weather requirements.

What Should Be Packed?

As mentioned above, it depends on the weather. Climbers can pack their favorite foods even hamburgers. No doubt, junk food can’t be stored for more than one day but there are possibilities. Mountain climbers should focus on the survival foods and diets. These are easily available in the local markets as well as online. In most of the cases, professional climbers recommend ready to cook foods. This choice depends on the season. For example, ready to cook foods such as packed fish is easy to prepare if it is summer and dry wood is easily available around. Biscuits, dry cakes, buns, cream rolls and other kinds of stuff can be packed for summer as well as winter mountain climbing tours.

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Drinks Are Important For Mountain Climbing:

Never think about Mountain climbing without the coldest water bottle. Water is essential for hydration. Physical activity always utilizes the water in the body. Water level going down creates physical issues such as laziness, weakness, and others. All these things are dangerous for the climbers. Remember, dehydration may kill you in the extremely hot conditions. Similarly, dehydration also causes several issues even it is chilling. It means that water is important for hydration and the coldest water bottle is the best option for it. Yes, 1 Gallon Coldest Water Bottle is ideal for the mountain climber. This bottle has various ideal features making it suitable for the professionals, athletes, and outdoorsmen. People living, working or facing the intense weather conditions can store fresh water in the Coldest Water Bottle for longer.

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Striking Features of Coldest Water Bottle:

Some striking features of coldest water bottle are listed below.

  • Pure stainless steel structure.
  • 100 % plastics free so no risk of BPA.
  • Modern insulated double walls for extended temperature maintenance.
  • Strong lid with straw offers easy one hand drinking.
  • Anti-sweat technology makes it easy to pack inside the Growler backpack.
  • Solid structure and shock resistant.

How Often You Will Need Food And Drink?

As a matter of fact, your body will burn reserve fats and calories quickly during the hiking. Going upward in extreme weather conditions requires more energy. Therefore, it is recommended to supply nutrients for immediate energy production. It would be better to keep nutritious diets rather than bulky items. Hiking and mountain climbing in the summer season is easy but it comes with scorching sunlight. Moving in the daytimes without any shade is challenging. Always wear a hat to avoid the direct sunlight on your sensitive areas such as head and shoulders. Pour some cold water on these sensitive areas so the brain will remain cool for active working.

With 1 Gallon Coldest Water Bottle in your hands or in Growler backpack, it becomes easier to have quick access to water. Remember, it is hard to find the fresh hygienic water in the wild that’s why keeping a plastic-free environment-friendly coldest water bottle would be the best idea. Take meals frequently with an interval of 2 hours. Drinks should be taken after a short period of 20 minutes in summers and 45 minutes in winters. Don’t drink water excessively even if it is hot or you feel thirsty. This may increase the urination which will definitely interrupt.

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Mountain Climbing Gears and Tools:

These materials are essential. Whether it is summer or winter, you should prepare a list of essential mountain climbing tools and gears. You may add or drop some items according to the seasonal requirements. For example, hats are not necessary for winters but woolen tops would be.

Mountain Climbing Tools:

Some regular mountain climbing tools have been mentioned below irrespective of season.

  • Tracksuits
  • Jackets or fleeces.
  • Mountain Climbing rods or sticks.
  • Goggles or sunglasses.
  • Sunscreens
  • Growler backpack.
  • 1 Gallon Coldest Water Bottle for water storage.
  • Coldest 21 oz for water, ice or medicine (insulin for diabetics) storage.
  • Beanie.
  • Down Parka.
  • Grippy athletic shoes.
  • First aid box.
  • Gloves (in winters).
  • Torch or emergency lights.
  • GPS or navigators.
  • Ropes
  • Harness
  • Double wall tent (for overnight stays).
  • Tape sling (good for marking trees and stones to remember your path).

Maintain Your Patience And Company:

Ask your mentor to carefully supervise things before moving to the mountain climbing mission. You are suggested to be consistent to face upcoming challenges. Whether you are doing to impress your friends or to make history, it is important to keep in touch with people who are in your company. This will make your target easy to achieve. Always carry essential gears and 1 Gallon Coldest Water Bottle for survival.