How to Keep Night Sweats Away From Ruining Your Sleep

Make sure to never allow your night sweats to ruin your good night’s sleep. Read through to know how not to lose your cool and have a good night sleep.

Summer is a constant affair for some people when they go to bed. Whatever the weather situation some people just go to bed sleeping hot. Some other people sleep when they really hot and completely wet during sleep.

Every night when you wake up completely wet in your sweat soaked clothes, pillows, and sheets it just doesn’t mean the room overheated. Maybe, the body is just reacting or because of covers which are heavy and your partner is using it. There could be a serious issue with your body which is an underlying health condition or may be reacting to some medicines.

Visiting your doctor and getting checked up will determine the problem and the doctor will provide some medication. Whatever the cause of profusely sweating during the night there are several ways to keep night sweats in control and manage the heat thus avoiding troubled nights.

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Common Causes of Night Sweats

A Hot Bedroom:

There are several people who sweat excessively in the night because of the very warm bedroom. So just don’t fret about any basic diagnosis by the doctor. The clothes that you are wearing might provide you comfort during the day but might be very warm during the night. This can be a problem in getting sleep as the body needs to cool down.

The optimum bedroom temperature should be around 65F as per National Sleep Foundation guidelines. If on the other side your bedroom temperature is higher than the recommended guidelines then you have an issue at hand in getting good sleep.

Medical Conditions:

If after you have turned down the temperature and you still are excessively sweating then you need to consider some medical causes which are common and are causing night sweats, then you need to see a doctor for a thorough examination.

It is a fact that Night sweats associated with fever, pain, diarrhea, weight loss and few other symptoms. The most commonest medical conditions that cause night sweats are Tuberculosis, Hyperthyroidism, Obesity, Low blood sugar, Carcinoid syndrome, Bacterial infections such as endocarditis (inflammation of heart lining ), Osteomyelitis ( inflammation inside the bones), HIV/AIDS and Abscesses., Hormonal imbalance because of menopause or perimenopause, Lymphoma, Leukaemia, Parkinson’s disease and in Neurological condition’s such as post-traumatic syringomyelia, stroke, Autonomic dysreflexia and Autonomic neuropathy.

If you are diagnosed with any of these medical, conditions then night sweats are an indication that your body is letting you know that there is a serious underlying health issue. It is a good idea to go and see a doctor upon experiencing any symptoms.

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There are several medications that you use in treating night sweats and these are Antidepressants, Cortisone, Prednisone, Prednisolone, Sildenafil, Nitroglycerine. It helps to relieve pain in the chest in heart conditions. The Hydralazine is for the treatment for High Blood Pressure, tamoxifen (anti-estrogen), niacin which is for lipid disorders, Acetaminophen and Aspirin.


Night Sweats are an indicator of impaired detoxification in young children who are suffering from autism spectrum disorder. Also known as ASD. Impaired detoxification happens when the organs such as kidneys and liver are unable to remove any toxins from the body which leads to deposition of these toxins in the brain and other organs which fat based tissues. An alternative method to remove toxins from the body is by night sweats when other mechanisms of the body have failed to remove these toxins.

Treatment for Night Sweats:

Any treatment that for the night sweats must target the hidden cause of profuse sweating during the night. In certain cases where night sweats caused by cancers or some infections or fevers. Once the medical issue resolved then the night sweats will be eliminated.

When in women hormonal changes occur due to perimenopause it then leads to hot flashes and night sweats which are severe. When anybody takes hormone therapy, there is a relief. Usually, after menopause, the symptom of perimenopause resolved.

If night sweats are occurring as a side effect of some medication being taken, then stop using it, then night sweats will stop. If the condition is very severe and medications are necessary then your doctor can prescribe a different medicine which will lessen the night sweats.

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7 Ways to Ice Night Sweats:

Because of some illness which is temporary and you are suffering from night sweats. If you are taking some treatments then you need to make sure that your sleeping environment is very comfortable.

1- Cool Down Your Bedroom:

You set the room temperature at an optimal temperature between 60 F and 67 F. This will help you to have a good night sleep.

2- Cool down Your Body:

When the temperature of your body lowered down then your brain will know that it is time to sleep. Before going to bed if you take a shower it is a sure way to calm your body down and cool it. When you have your bath your body temperature rises but as you dry off then your body starts to cool thus helping you to get a good night’s sleep.

3- Minimize Your Bed Clothes:

Make sure to wear clothes that are loose and not tight fitting and wear 100 percent cotton clothes such as pajamas or any natural fiber clothes that are light so that the natural fibers soak up the moisture and remove the heat thus keeping your body cool. Never wear synthetic clothes as they can cause night sweats to aggravate and if you want to sleep with no clothes on your body then it is a good way to get good night sleep.

4- Avoid Foods That Can Heat You Up:

Do not take any foods that spicy and do not drink alcohol and not take caffeinated drinks as all of these tend to raise your body’s temperature and thereby making you sweat excessively.

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5- Choose A Cooling Mattress:

Mattresses that have springs inside or the best to keep your body cool during the night. There is a lot of air that keeps on circulating in between the coils and they are a good choice for people who are sleeping hot or suffering from night sweats. If you are using foam mattresses which are hybrid mattresses. You must see that the foam has layers which can breathe or maybe using any other type of cooling technology so that you can have a good night’s sleep.

Memory foam is not good at all as it absorbs the heat from the body and also retains and not good for night sweat sufferers. The body heat of yours will help in shaping up the foam mattress according to your body shape. This is good in case of relaxing pressure points but not so good for removing the body heat. So choose a mattress that has breathable layers which allow the heat to be removed or use the coldest mattress and coldest pillows that help in cooling the body by not trapping the heat and helps in cooling the body.

6- Surround Yourself With Natural Fibers:

If you want to stay cool in the bed using the right mattress is of great importance and also what type of material has the mattress matters a lot. Use a mattress pad which has cotton that is 100 percent pure so that it keeps the air circulating constantly and help to remove the body heat. If you want a very good sleep experience then try using a Coldest Mattress. It helps in dissipating the heat thus keeping your mattress cool.

The top of the mattress pad with 100 percent cotton sheets, linen or any natural fibers which has a thread count in the medium range of 300 to 400 is better. If the combination of natural fibers and the thread count is low then it makes for a perfect sheet that is breathable.

7- Cooler Heads Prevail:

Always maintain a cool head with a pillow that is made from memory foam which is made with cooling techs like cooling gel in layers or beads. The best one is Coldest Pillow which has Coldest Fusion Weave™ with the Coldest Gel Fluffs that is ventilated and is cool on touching and the cover fabric chills faster by five times than other pillows.

It is not impossible to have cool dry good night’s sleep for people who are suffering from various chronic conditions including night sweats. If you are unable to remove the causing factor of the night sweats you can at least rest your sweat glands thus helping you to get maximum rest.

May 09, 2019 — Shane