Do you want to rejuvenate?

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Sleep is the best way to feel your energy again. Low-quality sleep can make your day cranky, having a mood disorder tend to give you negative emotions over positive ones. Over time it can lead to many health issues. Your immune system does not attack as quickly as it should to protect your body. Sleep is necessary to keep your mind and body heedful at all times.

Many are struggling with sleep problems that can take a serious effect on mental and physical health.

What are some of the causes for having poor sleep quality? Research shows it may involve sleep apnea, uncomfortable bed, night sweats, too hot or cold environment, or distracting sounds. These are some factors for not sleeping well.

How many hours of sleep are good for you? The best hours for sleeping are up to 7-8 hours daily. And that is for the sleep quantity that your body needs. This quantity gives you enough readiness for tomorrow. But if you want to get up tomorrow feeling restored and energized? Planning to wake up with a high spirit? Aim for a good quality sleep.

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Tips to help you sleep like a baby:

Control the light – Make your room darker, it is harder to stay asleep with an extra light inside the room.

Put those gadgets inside the drawer – Silence any cellphones, laptops, or any device that can disturb your good night’s sleep.

Put your clock out of sight – The sound of your clock can stress you out.

Control the sound – Keeping your room quiet, playing soft music can help your mind relax and put you to sleep faster.

A good mattress – Having a high-quality mattress that molds to the body, not too soft or too hard, just enough to give you a high quality of sleep.

Have the right pillow – Pillow plays an important role in achieving a night of good quality sleep. You need to have comfort and excellent support to rest your head. The right support for your spine while lying down, keeping it in neutral alignment. During sleep, your body temperature goes down this makes your body sweat more. These symptoms are very common of someone with underlying medical issues and under medication, menopause, stress level, and drinking alcohol before bedtime. Keeping you at night or waking up damp in the middle of your sleep disrupts your good night’s rest. Choose a pillow that discharges heat quickly this will help not to trap the heat from your head and prevent you from waking up in a sweat.

Sleep is how your body heals itself, while sleeping your body and mind rejuvenate, meditate and restore. Not getting quantity and quality of sleep then your body cannot perform to its full capacity.

Good health is the greatest blessing and your greatest wealth, invest in your health and wake up each morning feeling great.

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March 04, 2022 — sophie cold