We live in 2018 with lots of amazing technologies all around. This is not the climax of technology as more inventions are in progress so there are several things coming. Increasing rate of innovation, modification, and improvement has created an issue of dumping old ones. It is easy to purchase a new car, PC, laptop, Smartphone or others but what about the old ones. How to get rid of older or out of order technologies? In order to handle the situation, a new idea known as “E-Waste Recycling” introduced. This idea is now being used in almost all the developed countries including USA, China, UK, France, Germany and Brazil and several E-Waste Recyclers are working in this field.

Why Is Recycling Preferred?

Most of the latest gadgets including PCs, laptops, Smartphones are based on plastics. Heavy use of plastic recorded in the manufacturing of these products. On the other hand, supporting materials such as casings, covers, stands, and bags made of plastic for these products. Dumping the e-waste has become a major issue. According to the Forbes, more than 75 % of the e-waste goes to oceans and landfills. This is creating environmental changes because of the harmful toxins present in the plastic. This is why recycling of e-waste is necessary by the E-Waste Recyclers Companies.

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Threats for E-Waste Recyclers:

People who work in E-Waste Recyclers industry prone to experience several health issues. The release of harmful toxins is one of the biggest problems for them. Imagine yourself inhaling several gases and toxins on daily basis. A semi-environment is also created because of the heat during e-waste recycling. This has increased the cases of dehydration in the workers. Efforts are required to stop these cases.

Drink Cold and Pure Water:

Uncontaminated water free from toxins and pollutants is necessary for good health of E-Waste Recyclers. Drinking open or tap water from the dumping places is not a sensible idea. These places could be contaminated that’s it is essential to bring clean water in a bottle. Again, we don’t recommend buying packaged water from markets as it comes in the plastic bottle. This would be similar to adding more plastic to the environment. Is there any environment-friendly water bottle? 1 Gallon Coldest Water Bottle is the latest invention at Coldest Water Company. This coldest water bottle is environmentally friendly because of the following features.

  • 100 % pure stainless steel so no plastic.
  • No risk of BPA or other micro-plastics.
  • No corrosion (as happens in metal bottles) or deterioration (as happens in plastic bottles at high temperatures).
  • Excellent insulation to maintain coldness for 36 hours or more.

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The E-Waste Recyclers can easily avoid adverse health effects by using 1 Gallon Coldest Water Bottle. There is no need to put your life in danger. 1 Gallon Coldest Water Bottle stores enough water for an entire hot day. Forget heavy water coolers, dispensers and other beyond your reach water sources. All you have to do is get this fantastic bottle and fill it with ice cubes. The cubes will melt slowly delivering cold water. E-Waste Recyclers can also store water, fresh juices or other drinks + ice cubes in it.