There are a lot of signs that state whether or not we are dehydrated. Keeping hydrated is a very important way to keep healthy. There’s no such thing as too much water as water is essential to us in our daily life. Water helps us keep a normal temperature and it increases our energy and relieves fatigue. Since our brain is mostly water, drinking helps us think, focus, concentrate, and be more alert. Water plays a big part in our life as it keeps our bodies from overheating. Water also helps us deliver oxygen throughout the whole body. Being dehydrated is certainly something that we don’t want as it being dehydrated can make us feel thirsty most of the time and makes us feel very lightheaded.

Having fatigue is a very common way of knowing whether you are dehydrated or not. It’s because dehydration affects every aspect of your health. Being dehydrated will make you even more tired when you exercise.

Another sign of dehydration is having dark-colored urine. If not enough fluid is being taken, your urine will be a darker color and you won’t pee very much. Darker urine color can occur when your body is conserving more water and not releasing it into the urine. The urine becomes more concentrated with waste products such as sodium and urea. Sometimes, instead of having darker color urine. Less urine will be excreted out. The same thing goes with sweat.

The third common sign of dehydration is drying on the skin and the lips. Drying on the skin and lips can also be a sign of a lot more other

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health conditions. So, it’s best to get it checked out, especially when drinking many amounts of water. You may get frequent headaches as another sign of dehydration. Most researchers don’t get as to why we get headaches when we’re dehydrated. Having low blood pressure is another sign to look out for. But it only happens when it appears that a person is significantly dehydrated.

The sixth way to know if you’re dehydrated is if you’re having muscle cramps too often. When you’re dehydrated, you’ll lose more fluids than you are taking in, your body reacts by storing water for the most vital organs. These include your heart and lungs. That means vital organs, like your muscles and digestive system don’t get the water and electrolytes they need. Without these fluids, your muscles can start to cramp. You can start to experience leg cramps in your calf muscles and thigh muscles. You may also have involuntary contractions like muscle spasms.

Sometimes we tend to crave sugar when we are dehydrated. Because if we lack the intake of water, it can make it difficult for our body to metabolize glycogen for energy, so our bodies crave sugar to provide us with a quick source of energy when we only need to drink more water.

There is one quick solution to all of these signs and that is drinking a lot of water. We need water during our daily life activities. So how do we bring water with us every day when we go out? Here at coldest we provide the best quality of water bottles get our coldest bottle now with the best prices we can offer. Here at the coldest, our bottles will keep your water cool in whatever weather there is.